Curriculum Vitae

Mary Ann Schaepper, MD, M.ED, DFAPA

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellowship 1999-2001
UCLA/Neuropsychiatry Institute, Los Angeles, CA
General Psychiatry Residency PGY1-3, LLUMC 1996-1999
Doctor of Medicine, Loma Linda University School of Medicine 1992-1996
Masters of Education, University of Toledo, Toledo, OH 1986-1987
Bachelor of Arts in Foreign Language, La Sierra University, La Sierra, CA 1974-1978

CA Medical License #A63782 1997
DEA #BS5687415 1997

Maintenance of Certification, Specialty of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 2012-2024
American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology (ABPN)
Maintenance of Certification, Specialty of Psychiatry (ABPN) 2012-2024
Certification in DBT, Marsha Linehan 10-Day Course 2007
Diplomat in the Specialty of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry (ABPN) Cert. #5296 2002-2012
Diplomat in the Specialty of Psychiatry (ABPN) Cert. #50427 2001-2011
Medical Board of California 1997

Present Position:
Child, Adolescent, Adult Psychiatrist at Schaepper Psychiatry, APC, Redlands, CA 2017
Central City Community Health Center for the Intellectually Disabled & Autistic populations 2017
Medical Director, Peace of Heart Project, Mental Health Care for Refugees, Beirut, Lebanon 2017
Past Clinical:
Medical Director at Benchmark Transitions, Education and Life Skills Center for Young Adults 2016-2017
Medical Director at Benchmark Transitions, Education and Life Skills Center for Young Adults 2015-2017
Riverside County Department of Mental Health 2014
Access Clinic, Family Medicine and Psychiatry for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities 2014
Lead Psychiatrist in Autism and Intellectually Disabled Population 2014
Riverside County Department of Mental Health (RCMHD) 2014
Staff Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Riverside County Department of Mental Health 2014
Loma Linda University Department of Psychiatry (LLU) 2001-2013
Child and Adolescent Outpatient Psychiatrist Loma Linda University (LLU) 2001-2013
Director of the Residency Psychotherapy Clinic (LLU) 2004-2013
Medical Director, Youth Inpatient, Partial and Intensive Outpatient Services, LLUBMC 2001-2013
Medical Director, Chemical Dependency, Partial & Intensive Outpatient Services, LLU 2007-2008
Medical Director, LLUMC Pediatric Consultation Liaison Program 2002-2004
Medical Director, Adolescent Eating Disorder Program 2001-2004
President of Medical Staff, LLUBMC 2008-2010
President of Medical Staff, LLUBMC 2004-2006

Present Academic:
Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, LLUMC 2005
Previous Positions Held (list title, organization, dates)
Director, Psychiatry Residency Program, Department of Psychiatry, UCR 2014
Director, Psychiatry Residency Program, Department of Psychiatry 2002-2013
Loma Linda University Medical Center (LLUMC)
President of LLUMC Clinical Science Faculty Advisory Council 2011-2013
Integration of Religion and Psychiatry Committee Member 2010-2013
Residency Policy Committee Chair 2001-2013
Residency Evaluation Committee Member 2001-2013
Behavioral Health Institute Executive Committee Member 2011-2013
Behavioral Health Institute Directors Committee Member 2011-2013
Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist Consult Liaison, LLUMC 2004-2006
Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, LLUMC 2002-2005
Instructor, Department of Psychiatry, LLUMC 2001-2002
Associate Director Psychiatry Residency Program 2001-2002
Department of Psychiatry, LLUMC

Teaching Experience
Art of Connection, Semester Course in PGY-1 focused on Interviewing, Presentation, Diagnosing and Supportive Psychotherapy Skills, UCR 2014-2015
Strengths-Based Residency, Five-Day Orientation to Leadership, Team-Building 2014
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy Unit for Adolescents with Self-Injury 2007-2013
Supervises and teaches weekly to medical students and residents on rotation.
Psychotherapy Teaching Clinic Leads 12 months, weekly 1 hour lectures on Supportive Therapy, CBT,Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, supervision of residents weekly on site 2004-2013
Child & Adolescent Teaching Clinic
Weekly teaching of normal/abnormal child development, psychopathology, interventions, and supervision of residents 2003-2004
Psychiatric Emergency Rotation 2003-2004
Supervises and teaches weekly with medical students and residents on rotation
Adolescent Inpatient Psychiatry Rotation 2001- 2008
Supervises and teaches weekly with staff, medical students and residents on rotation
Adolescent Eating Disorder Rotation 2001-2004
Supervises and teaches weekly with staff, medical students and residents on rotation
Global Psychiatry Rotation 2001-2013
Intensive education on cultural impacts of psychiatric care, and preparation for residents to deliver trauma care in new culture. Onsite conferences, supervision, and program development for trauma were administered.
Leadership in Psychiatry 2012-2013
1-quarter course for PGY-3, 4 residents on the principles of leadership from a strengths-based perspective
Psychiatry for Physical Therapy 2013
8-week intensive study of normal/pathological human behavior
Grief Seminar 2013
16-week course reviewing current models of grief, develop therapeutic understanding and skill development
Orientation to Psychiatry 2001-2013
6-month, 2-hour, course for first year residents covering interviewing skills, assessment, diagnosis,documentation, safety and ethical concerns.
Transition to Practice 2001-2013
12-month course for fourth year residents to prepare for systems of care, financial, social, continuing education and professionalism issues.
Sexuality, Development, Normal, and Pathological 2009, 2011
16-week course in sexual development, psychiatric theories and treatment
Developmental Disorders Lecture for third year medical students 2001-2013
Team-based learning of psychopathology, demographics, etiology, treatments and interventions
Coordinator of Grand Rounds, Weekly CME activity for faculty, staff and residents 2001-2008
Summer Session of LLU Department of Psychiatry 2005-2013
Coordinator of an academic and professional community within the psychiatric residency. 8 weekly 2-hour sessions with all residents and faculty, conducted at Loma Linda University Department of Psychiatry, Loma Linda CA

Schaepper, M.A., Bernstein, B., (2013). LGTBQ and Mental Health.
Schaepper, M. A., Rice, G. (2012). Team-Based Learning/Teaching.
Schaepper, M.A., Estrella, J. (2011). StrengthsFinders Leadership Development.
Schaepper, M. A. (2010). Psychopharmacology.
Schaepper, M. A., Harding, GT, Tarr, J. (2009) Therapy and Psychiatry.
Schaepper, M.A., Bounds, J. (2008) Updates in Neuroscience.
Schaepper, M. A. (2007). Multiculturalism & Psychiatry
Schaepper, M. A. (2006). Professionalism

Orientation to Medicine and Religion, LLUSOM 2001-2004
Addressing and identifying what beliefs, and spiritual needs patients may have, how this impacts medical care, and how a physician can interact with professionalism and care. Psychiatric Issues, Series of lectures for Allied Health, LLU School of Public Health on Autism and Mental Retardation 2001-2013

Committee Service (Agency, University, etc.):
Central City Health System QM/UR Lead for Psychiatry 2015-Current
UCR Residency Selection Committee 2014
UCR Education Committee 2014
LLU Medical Center Wellbeing Committee 20011-2013
LLU School of Medicine Alumni Association Board of Directors 1998-2006
Ohio State University and Harding Hospital Development Board 2002-2007
Harding Evans Foundation Board of Directors 2007-2011
The Alex Center, Member of Board of Directors 2002-2006
Volunteer member and active advisor of development / operations / and transition of a school for children with traumatic brain injury in Orange County, California. Participated in fund raising for school through annual galas/auctions/events. Reviewed curriculum, staffing needs, and psychiatric issues.

Community Service:
Peace of Heart Project, Beirut, Lebanon 2017
Founder and Medical Director of sustainable Tele-Mental Health to Middle Eastern Refugees in collaboration with the Non Profit Organization, New Realities International.
Disaster Relief 2005-Current
Led team of local psychiatrists (faculty of Loma Linda University and residents) in disaster relief in the Old Fire of 2004 in the San Bernardino Mountains, California. Worked to liaison with the local Red Cross Workers. Offered psychiatric triage at the Norton Air force Base for displaced persons.
Organized American Red Cross Disaster Mental Health trainings for San Bernardino County for psychiatric residents, and mental health workers in 2005, and 2007. 2005-Current
Certified American Red Cross Mental Health Disaster Relief worker 2005-Current Transitional Age Youth (TAY) 2007
Volunteer at the San Bernardino Department of Behavioral Health TAY Center Boys Town Girls Town, Orange County, CA. 2007
Monthly creative, teambuilding activities with foster children and staff.
Safe House Riverside, CA. December 2008 – Current
Youth Hope 2011
Assisted in the clean up and maintenance of the clothing section and eating area for homeless teens.
Rachel’s House, a shelter for victims of human trafficking 2013

Professional Associations and Scholarly Societies:

American Psychiatric Association (APA)

APA Child & Adolescent Component Committee Member 2015-Current
Assembly Reference Committee on Scientific Knowledge and Research Chair 2015-Current
Assembly Member Area V1 2012-Current
APA Shire Child and Adolescent Fellowship Committee 2004-2008
APA Membership Committee 2001-2008
Mental Health & Schools Committee 2001-2006
APA MIT Rules Committee Member 2000-2001
APA Area VI Member-in-Training Representative Member 1999-2002
APA Member 1994-Current

California Psychiatric Association (CPA)

CPA Treasurer 2016-Current
CPA Government Affairs Committee Member 2017
CPA Co Chair of Women’s Caucus 2015-Current
CPA Annual Program Committee Member 2011-Current
CPA Child and Adolescent Committee Member 2010-Current
CPA Vice Chair Government Affairs Committee 2003-2008
CPA Government Affairs Committee Member 2000-2008
CPA Member 1994-Current

Southern California Psychiatric Association (SCPS)

Assembly Representative 2012-Current
Past President 2012-Current
President 2011- 2012
President Elect 2010-2011
Secretary 2009-2010
Founding Member of Women & Psychiatry Committee 2010-Current
Member 1994-Current

Inland Empire Chapter of SCPS

President 2008
Vice President 2007
Secretary 2006
Member 1994-Current

American Association of Directors of Psychiatric Residency (AADPRT)

AADPRT Region 6 Representative 2004-2011
AADPRT Fellowship Awards Committee 2006-2010
Member 2001-Current

American Medical Association (AMA)

AMA Physicians Well-being Committee, Riverside, CA 1999-2000
Member in Training Rep 1992-1994
Member 1992-Current

Consulting Activities:
Mt. Vision Family Therapy and Counseling Center, Psychiatric Consultant 2013


CPA Special Service Award 2017
APA Women’s Caucus: Service Award To Women in the District Branch 2017
Assembly of the APA, Resident-Fellow Member Mentor Award 2014
Distinguished Service Award, Southern California Psychiatric Society 2013
Faculty Award for the Teaching of Psychotherapy, LLU 2013
Faculty Highest Recognition for Inspiration Award, Dept. of Psychiatry, LLU 2012
Teacher of the Year, Dept. of Psychiatry, LLU 2011
Teaching Excellence in Psychotherapy, Dept. of Psychiatry, LLU 2007
First Annual Irma Bland MD Award for Excellence in Teaching Residents, UCLA 2005
Outstanding Member-in-Training Southern California Psychiatric Society 2001
Gertrude Rogers Greenblatt, Psychiatry Award, UCLA 2001
Resident with Exceptional Educational & Community Performance
Dept. of Psychiatry, UCLA 2001
Outstanding Psychiatry Teaching Fellow Award, UCLA 2000
Benjamin Kovitz Honor in Psychiatry, LLU 1996
Women in Medicine Honor, LLU 1996

The Art of Psychiatry, World Psychiatric Congress, Berlin, Germany 2017
What You Need to Know From Your Psychiatrist, Presentation to Association 2017
for the Intellectually Disabled, La Quinto, CA
The Art of Psychiatry, Los Angeles Premier, New Psychoanalytic Institute 2017
The Art of Psychiatry, APA Annual Meeting, San Diego, CA 2017
The Art of Psychiatry, a documentary film, APA Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA 2016
Psychopharmacology and the Developmentally Delayed Population 2016
Inland Regional Center, San Bernardino, CA
Pharmacology and the Schools, Presentation to California School of Nursing, Loma Linda, CA 2001
Depression Across the Life Span 2002
Glendale Hospital Conference on Mental Health, Glendale, CA
The Holiday Blues, California State San Bernardino, Public T.V., San Bernardino, CA 2002
Eating Disorders in the Family, Loma Linda University Seventh-day Adventist Church 2002
Loma Linda, CA
From Bench to Bedside, Attention Deficit Hyper-Activity Disorder in 2003, Grand Rounds, 2002
Grand Rounds, Loma Linda University Dept. of Psychiatry. Loma Linda, CA
Anxiety and Depression; How it effects Dental Health, Symposium, 2002
3rd Annual Medical Updates for the Dental Professional, Loma Linda, CA
Core Competencies in Psychiatry, Grand Rounds, Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA 2003
Core Competencies and Maintenance of Certification: California Psychiatric Association, 2003
Monterey, CA
What Can Psychiatry Do in the ER? 2004
Grand Rounds, Department of Emergency Medicine LLUMC, Loma Linda, CA
Traumatic Brain Injury, Education, and Psychiatry, What Is Happening 2004
Grand Rounds, Loma Linda University Medical Center, Loma Linda, CA
Religion and Adolescent Substance Abuse, Healthy People 2004, Loma Linda, CA 2004
Eating Disorders: Annual Post Graduate Meeting, Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA 2004
Religion & Adolescent Substance Abuse: Family Forum, University Church, Loma Linda, CA 2004
Depression, Etiology, Identification, Treatment, Grand Rounds 2004
Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, Hangzhou, China
Suicide and Depression in China, Grand Rounds 2004
Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital, Hangzhou, China 2004
Psychiatry and the Schools: Medication, Boundaries, Transference Issues 2004
Member-in-Training Committee, New Orleans, LO, APA
Self-Mutilation, When Teens Hurt Themselves, Allwood School District, Allwood, CA 2005
Self-Mutilation, When Teens Hurt Themselves 2005
Southeast Seventh-day Adventist Conference School Counselors, La Sierra, CA
Self-Mutilation, Why Do Teens Hurt Themselves? 2005
Riverside County Crisis Counselors, Riverside, CA, Riverside, CA
Adolescent Psychosis: Psychopharmacology to Clozapine 2005
Grand Rounds, Department of Psychiatry, Loma Linda, CA
Selected Topics in Primary Care, Mammoth, CA 2006
Getting into an Arsonists Mind? San Bernardino Sun, San Bernardino, CA 2006
Spiritual Care: Depression, ECT, and Therapy, Grand Rounds, Department of Psychiatry 2007
Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA
Wounded Healers: An Introspective Look at the Practice of Medicine 2007
White Memorial Hospital, Los Angeles, CA
That Which Looks Like ADHD and Is Not 2007
San Bernardino County Medical Society, School Nurse Physician Collaborative, San Bernardino, CA
Build a Psychotherapy Resident Clinic and Patients will Come 2007
AADPRT National Meeting, Puerto Rico
Wounded Healers, APC, Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA 2008
DBT and Adolescents Who Self Injure, Grand Rounds USC, LA, CA 2008
Disaster Preparedness: What Mental Health Issues Can Be Prevented and Cared For 2008
San Mateo, CA CUPA Forum
Evidence-Based Psychotherapy: Workshop, AADPRT, New Orleans, LA 2008
Women, Depression and Global Health, WHO & Faith Communities, Geneva, Switzerland 2009
Women, Depression, a Biblical Perspective, Loma Linda University, Loma Linda, CA 2011
Psychopharmacology and the Adolescent, Loma Linda University 2011
Alumni Post Graduate Conference, Loma Linda, CA
Cannabis Legalization or Prohibition? What does Psychiatry Say? 2012
California Psychiatric Society, Yosemite Valley, CA
What to do with Self Injury? Tri Cities NAMI, Claremont, CA 2012
Orphans with HIV, Maluti/Loma Linda Mental Health Initiative, Lesotho, Africa 2013
Physician Wellbeing vs Burn Out in Global Psychiatry, Lesotho, Africa 2013
DSM-5 Changes and Highlights in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 2013
Southern California Psychiatric Society, West LA, CA
DSM-5 Changes and Highlights in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 2013
Grand Rounds Harbor UCLA, Long Beach, CA
DSM-5 Training, Southern California Psychiatric Society, Pasadena, CA 2013
Dealing with Everyday Downs and Stress-LLU School of Allied Health, Loma Linda, CA 2013
Fragile X, Intellectual Development and Autism, Clinical to Bench,
Presentation to UCR Research Group, Riverside CA 2014
ACGME and UCR Department of Psychiatry, Presentation at UCR First Faculty Development
Retreat in Palm Springs, CA 2014
Autism, Intellectual Disabilities and Mental Health, Grand Rounds, UCR/Riverside County, Oct. 2014
Family Medicine and Intellectual Disability and Autism, RCRMC, Residency Lecture, October 2014
Healthy Self Seminar, Community Lecture and Yoga Seminar, Redlands, CA June-August 2015
Finding Your Healthy Self
Being Your Healthy Self
Challenging Your Healthy Self
Psychopharmacology and the Mental Health Needs in the Intellectually Disabled, IRC 11/2015