As a leader my focus is to empower, connect and represent our patients, members, and professional organization.

Empower patients through education about etiology, symptoms and treatment of psychiatric disorders for informed participation in their care. Transform stigma and embolden patients to seek care. Foster collaboration with NAMI, with the APA Foundation, with our District Branches, and with our communities.

Connect patients to the best mental health care. Hold insurance providers, state legislators and health care delivery systems accountable to parity of care.

Represent patients’ distinct mental health needs, e.g. Assisted Outpatient Treatment, Laura’s Law, care for vulnerable populations, and access for timely and appropriate care at the Community, State, and National levels.

Empower members by advocating for clear boundaries in the mental health care scope of practice. Promote psychiatry’s unique contributions, and participate in defining interdisciplinary state and national health care laws. Make continuing education and maintenance of certification relevant, accessible and affordable to all members.

Connect individual members with peers and facilitate the communication of their concerns to their District Branch, and to the CPA. Engage with Medical Students, Residents, Fellows and Early Career Psychiatrists through mentor-ship. Receive their innovative perspectives on mental health care.

Represent all diversity within the California membership to the APA, CMA and State Legislative Bodies.

Empower CPA by making the investment in membership pertinent and desirable to psychiatric clinicians throughout California.

Connect CPA by engaging with and assisting the District Branches in their outreach to their constituents and communities.

Represent CPA as a significant contributor to policy and solutions of Mental Health Care at the State and National levels.

My qualifications for this position and responsibilities are:
I am a seasoned, mature clinician, educator and administrator. I have been a member and have served at the local, District Branch, State and National level for 23 years. I am a distinguished Fellow of the APA. I serve currently as CPA Treasurer, SCPS Assembly Representative, CPA Child and Adolescent Committee member, CPA Government Affairs Committee member, CPA Women’s Caucus Co-Chair, and as APA Child and Adolescent Component member.

My past leadership consisted of:

  • APA Membership Committee 2001-2008
  • APA Area VI Member-in-Training 1999-2002
  • CPA Annual Program Committee 2011-Current
  • SCPS President 2011- 2012
  • SCPS Secretary 2009-2010
  • Residency Director, Loma Linda University 2001-2013

My present professional practice includes, ownership of Schaepper Psychiatry, a group practice that focuses on Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatry. I have expertise in Autism and Intellectual Disability. I worked in all levels of care: inpatient, partial, intensive outpatient, residential, and outpatient care. Community outreach and education are integral to my practice of psychiatry. I am the medical director of an organization providing mental health care to NGO relief workers and to Syrian refugees via tele-psychiatry. I was a residency training director for thirteen years. During that period I developed and facilitated international mental health rotations. Faculty and residents worked with orphans in Lesotho, Africa. These teams dealt with AIDS and chronic trauma. I am an American Red Cross partner having responded to natural disasters e.g. Hurricane Katrina, Earthquake in Haiti, Tsunami in Asia, local fires and violent man-made trauma as a mental health first responder.

I have the experience, skills, aptitude, and energy to serve our organization as President-Elect of the CPA.